The Birth of the KB8

Kobe Bryant's groundbreaking partnership with Adidas at the tender age of 17 set the stage for an extraordinary career.

The Iconic KB8: A Sneaker, A Statement

The KB8, Kobe Bryant's first signature shoe, unveiled in 1997, encapsulated his rising influence in basketball and his distinctive style.

Crazy 8 Kobe Bryant Adidas Shoe

After Kobe's departure from Adidas in 2002, the iconic shoe underwent a transformation, emerging as the 'Crazy 8.'

The Transition to Nike: A Legendary Partnership

In 2003, Kobe Bryant's move to Nike marked the beginning of an iconic partnership. 

Nike Zoom Kobe 1: A Technical Marvel

The Nike Zoom Kobe 1, released in 2005, showcased a captivating design with a black leather upper, white Nike Swoosh, and a vibrant yellow textile collar. 

No More Nike, but Adidas' New Tribute...

The Adidas Crazy 8 is making a comeback soon! The stylish design of these shoes is timeless. Are you interested in buying a pair?