What Shoes Does Jay-Z Wear? Puma, Nike Airs, Adidas…

In the world of hip-hop, few figures command as much respect and admiration as Jay-Z. He’s not just a rap icon; he’s a cultural force, a visionary, and a man with an undeniable penchant for style. While his verses have resonated through the ages, it’s not just his lyrics that tell a story—it’s also the sneakers he wears. From classic Nike Airs to coveted Air Jordans, Jay-Z’s footwear choices are as legendary as his rhymes. Let’s step into the world of Jay-Z’s kicks, where every shoe has a tale to tell.

Seriously, if every shoe has a tale to tell then this guy owns a library! Hova has one of the most impressive collections, with shoes like Nike Kobe 9s, Louis Vuitton Dons, Lebron 12s, and so many more exclusive pairs.

Sneakers Mentioned in Jay-Z’s Music

“Rocawear… check/Nike Airs… check.”

Jay-Z (All I Need)

These lines from Jay-Z’s iconic track “All I Need” off The Blueprint (2001) paint a vivid picture of the rap legend’s love affair with sneakers. Whether it’s the classic Nike Air Revolution, the audacious Air Yeezy 2, or the powerhouse Air Max LeBron 9, Jay-Z’s sneaker game has always been on point.

Yet, amidst this array of kicks, one silhouette reigns supreme in his collection: the Air Force 1. From the revival of the Rocafella AF1s in November 2017 to the exclusive 40/40 Club editions and the ultra-rare All Black Everything AF1s, each pair tells a story, echoing the beats of his journey.

“My eyes bloodshot but my jet don’t lag. A pair of Jordan 3s tryna chase this cash.”

Jay-Z (Verse in Drake’s song “Pound Cake”)

In the verses of “Pound Cake” from the album Nothing Was The Same (2013), Jay-Z lays bare his baller roots. Some say he could’ve been a college hoops star, and his lyrical nods to Air Jordans affirm his enduring love for the game. Among them, the Black Cement Jordan 3s hold a special place in his rotation, a testament to their iconic status.

Even as Puma’s Creative Director for their reinvigorated basketball line, one wonders if he managed to resist the allure of the 2018 Black Cement 3 Retros. Delve into Jay-Z’s sneaker journey, and you’ll notice a clear preference for Jordan 1s, 3s, 4s, and 8s. Among these, the Jordan 3 emerges as a linchpin in his lineup, embodying both his life and his rhymes.

Shoes Jay-Z Has Worn in Public

Puma Wild Rider Layers shoes worn by Jay-Z

Puma Wild Rider Layers

The infamous $110 pair of Puma sneakers that Jay-Z has been seen wearing. It’s made headlines due to the fact that someone as rich as Hova wears basic shoes.. must be shocking to some folks!?

Good News: The price of these shoes has dropped significantly! View the Amazon link below to see the current price.

The Nike Off-White x Air Force 1 Low ’07 ‘MoMA’

Warning: These sneakers go for thousands of dollars a pair in the resale market. You can see Jay-Z wearing the shoes in the photo below.

Jay-Z in a photo next to Beyonce wearing an expensive pair of Nike Off White Air Force 1 MoMAs
Photo Credit: IG Reproduction (@beyonce) | Jay-Z wearing AF1 MoMA shoes
Puma Ralph Sampson Lo

Puma Ralph Sampson Lo

He wore the casual sneaker in its ‘White Peacoat’ color variation. These shoes are affordable and available on Amazon.

Jordan 4 Retro Union ‘Off Noir’ sneakers worn by Jay Z

Air Jordan 4 “Noir”

Jay-Z was spotted wearing these Nike Air Jordan 4 “Noir” sneakers in 2021.

Yeezy Boost 350s in all black grey

Yeezy Boost 350s

Jay-Z wore black Yeezy Boost 350s to a basketball game in 2016. He’s been spotted wearing Yeezys to multiple games and events.

Jay Z wearing Yeezy Boost 350s at a basketball game sitting next to Beyonce
Image Credit: Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

Santoni Shoes

Many people thought Hova was wearing Louboutin shoes. Nope, they are in fact an $850 pair of Santoni shoes…


Are there any specific Air Jordans that Jay-Z favors?

Yes, Jay-Z has shown a particular fondness for the Jordan 1, 3, 4, and 8 models. Among these, the Jordan 3 holds a special place in his rotation.

Has Jay-Z had any exclusive or rare sneaker collaborations?

Yes, Jay-Z has been involved in several exclusive sneaker releases. Notably, he had a Friends & Family exclusive version of the Air Force 1 for his 40/40 Club and a hyper-exclusive “All Black Everything” AF1 release in 2010.

Has Jay-Z’s involvement with Puma influenced his sneaker choices?

Jay-Z’s role as Creative Director for Puma’s basketball division suggests a growing interest in Puma sneakers. However, he still holds a strong affection for his favorite Nike models.